Our Services

Custom Formulation

Nature Essence is a brand of Aussia Pharma OEM Services.

Our research and development team has over 30 years of experience. We have provided OEM Services and exported around the world including but not limited to: the USA, Thailand, Iran, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, and Korea.

Retailing Nature Essence Stock

If you have a retailer, and wish to retail nature essence stock. We would be glad to assess the partnership for potential business Please contact sales@aussia.com.au

If you have an idea, or a product that you want to be manufactured in Australia. We can provide you a turnkey solution to bring your idea into a reality. We lead you through all the steps of:

  • Product Formulation: You tell us your idea of what product you have in mind, either an idea, or an existing formula. Our team will provide a formula for the idea
  • Product Registration: To get this product approved and listed onto the TGA
  • Manufacturing: Sourcing the raw materials, and transforming them into tablets, hard capsules, soft gel capsules, sachets, or gummies. Packaging the product ready for sale
  • Export services: If your product is for export, we can assist in the process of exporting the product to the desired country of sale
  • After market support: We are always here to help for any enquiries you may have even after manufacturing.